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Private party planning in Calgary

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Private parties say “thank you,” “we love you,” and “you’ve arrived” better than anything else can.

Yes, it’s about a million details… But when you get right down to it, private parties are about the people. You want your guests to have a good time. And you want to be part of the fun. After all how you can you be the oh-so-witty life-of-the-party if you’re literally sweating the small stuff?

You can’t. And why should you?

Private parties are your time to shine. Private parties let you seize the moment, bring together the perfect group of people, and celebrate life’s important milestones, including:

  • a new job
  • a life well lived
  • a promotion
  • an anniversary
  • an accomplishment
  • a new house
  • a reunion
  • a birthday
  • you get the idea…

Private parties say “thank you,” “we love you,” and “you’ve arrived” better than anything else can. Your guests will feel so much more honoured and appreciated because you have chosen to spend time with them instead of with the duck roasting in the oven.

From party planning, catering, party rentals, flowers and decor design and installation, our private parties are planned and executed perfectly with your specific needs in mind.

Talk to us about your private party and what you’d like it to say. We won’t stop there. We’ll make it sing…

What our client’s say about our services

My client’s are sick of the same old sausage and meat panini’s and want to try something different. In order to succeed in sales we have to present ourselves as being unique in the marketplace. I heard about Simply Elegant through one of their amazing catering events (see web site) and decided to give them a call.  

What surprised me was that Simply Elegant has weekly hot meal specials for a price close to regular old sandwich trays. These chef prepared meals may include Chicken, Beef, Soup, Vegetables, and Salads – all for one low price. Each special is unique and is different every month. Not the same old same old as above. How do they do it? They shop for specials, buy bulk quantities and prepare a menu in advance that saves me money. You can sign up for their regular newsletters that offer these monthly specials on their web site. 

One of my engineering clients desired sandwiches instead of the hot meal deals. I called the Simply Elegant sales coordinator and she offered me a package deal with sandwiches, pickle trays, cookies, and drinks. What is important to me is that the meals are delivered on time and I haven’t had one problem with Simply Elegant delivering late. The sandwiches and wraps were of the highest quality and were prepared by what looked to be a professional chef. The meats were of a high quality – for example, the chicken and beef were not sliced deli meats, but were prepared in house (Chicken Breast, Roast Beef) that tasted out of this world. This engineering firm liked the sandwiches and wraps so much that they called me to use Simply Elegant as their corporate caterer.

I highly recommend Simply Elegant. Their food is fresh, is of highest quality and is prepared by professional chefs. Their staff is so nice to deal with and their pricing is competitive to other catering companies that I’ve used in the past. Their monthly catering specials presents my sales company as being unique in the marketplace. Use them!   Dom DiDomenicantonio, Finning

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