Wedding flowers

 Each blossom is an expression of love. Every bloom a reflection of you.

Wedding flowers bring sunshine with them, no matter the weather. They make children smile, elders reminisce and beautiful brides all the more stunning than they already are.

There are a few reasons we are proud of our wedding flower services. One of the main ones is our staff. Sharon Barwick, a award-winning designer who was nominated for Best Wedding in Canada. Read more about Sharon on our People Page.

Wedding flowers gallery

Highlights of a wedding created in Banff by Simply Elegant

Take a look at a selection of wedding flowers work we’ve done in the past and let us know if you like something in particular.

Here is a list of things we do to make your wedding spectacular:

  • Wedding planning services: We are proud of our award winning wedding planning service headed by Sharon Barwick, CSEP was a finalist for Best Wedding in Canada.
  • Wedding decoration services: Wedding decorations can turn virtually anywhere into a beautiful expression of you and your groom.
  • Wedding catering services: We have been in the wedding catering business for over a decade. We can anticipate your every catering need.

What people say about us

Love simply elegant! My husband and I came in and were immediately surrounded by great energy! We used simply for our wedding bouquets, some decor and catering! We were so happy with everything! The food was AMAZING (I was glad there was left overs lol) the bouquets were stunning!! Peter and Sharon were fantastic to work with!! I will be using simply in the future for sure 🙂 Jessica Smith

Everything was absolutely beautiful and the day went so smooth. No hiccups that I am aware of and no drama.  The flowers were perfect and the color was bang on! So many compliments on the food. The selections were amazing and everyone said great things about your catering company. Thanks again for everything; it was a perfect day!  Kara K Leinweber

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Give us a call (403-242-0598) or send a message today and we’ll be happy to discuss your wedding party florals and decorations, your wedding plans and anything else we can help you with.

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Wedding flowers articles from the blog

Here’s a few articles to help you make your decision related to wedding flowers and decor. There are many more articles on various topics related to planning your wedding on our blog so make sure to check it out.

Wedding Flowers and the Language of Bridal Bouquets

It’s easier to talk with your florist about wedding flowers when you’re familiar with the basic terminology for bridal bouquets. Choose a style that goes with your personality and budget. If you want a striking look, consider a presentation bouquet. It’s inspired by the flowers loving fans present to stages actresses. You can use any long-stemmed variety like calla lilies or orchids to cradle in your arm like a beauty pageant winner… Continue reading.

Wedding flowers that won’t break the bank

Most couples want to incorporate floral arrangements into their wedding. However, this can become very expensive for a couple on a budget. Rather than sacrificing the wedding flowers there are ways to incorporate them without breaking the bank. First and foremost, it is important to be flexible when choosing wedding flowers that you can reasonably afford. The more flexible and open minded you are the easier it is to obtain the perfect floral arrangements for your big day. Provided the color and style of the flower matches your wedding colors and/or theme don’t get hung up on what type of flowers they are. Read the full article.

Trends for Winter Wedding Flowers

Those colder months are settling in and for many brides, it’s all about a winter wedding. The winter backgrounds allow for a stunning collaboration of Mother Nature and simple elegance of a modern bride. And if you’re thinking Canadian winters aren’t conducive for presenting spectacular florals, think again. Miniature roses make a beautiful addition to a wedding bouquet. There are plenty of options in terms of color and most are compatible with other color palettes we reserve for winter. Consider smaller pinecones, holly and greens which tend to be a bit lighter in the colder months. Read on.

Wedding Tips: Fun Ideas for the Bouquet and Garter Toss

Your wedding is a very special day in your life and while you’re making your wedding plans let’s not forget about planning the wedding reception. For most guests at a wedding, the bouquet and garter toss can be the best part—especially if some of the guests are single. Normally, the bride tosses the bouquet and the groom throws the garter as a sign of good luck. According to folklore, the single guy who catches the garter and the single woman who catches the bouquet will be the next couple to hear wedding bells. Keep reading!

Engagement Flowers: Bouquet Ideas

The ring is bought, the words rehearsed — you’re prepared. But you want to add a little special something to your proposal…think engagement flowers. You are brilliant! There are not too many women who will tell you they don’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet. A picture paints a thousand words, but in the world of romance, a carefully chosen bouquet of wedding flowers can be the most eloquent statement of your love — other than the fabulous ring you just bought for her, of course. Read the full thing.

There’s much more on the blog, so make sure you check it out for posts on wedding flowers and any other area related to making your wedding a perfect one.

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