What’s Red and White all over and topped with a big “Yahoo!”? Clearly it’s Canada’s 150th birthday celebration Calgary style. Simply Elegant is brimming with excitement about events that will take place in 2017. Combining the annual Calgary Stampede celebration with Canada’s 150th birthday is a great approach to take when developing ideas for a private or a corporate event.

As event planners, we love the idea that the 150th anniversary of Confederation can really inspire all of us to get out and party! In Calgary, as an individual or a company, you have the opportunity to combine the historic momentum of Canada’s 150th and the cultural icon of the Calgary Stampede as themes for their corporate events.

2017 is a great opportunity to use a local or national theme on which to build a corporate event. When we think about the key elements of event planning, the message, the design and the ambience can all be easily connected with the themes of celebration around Canada’s 150th and the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. For example themes of inclusion, innovation and celebration are central to national events this year. The Calgary Stampede has a long-standing history and has been successful in engaging wide segments of the Calgary community  – young and old, city and country, local and international. Think about what makes Calgary unique – craft beers, ethnic foods, western hospitality. Our event specialists can help you link these and other ideas together in creating your one of a kind event.

Simply Elegant believes that many organizations are looking for new and fresh approaches to corporate events for this year. If you need some help in pulling together ideas that would entertain your colleagues, friends or family, look no further than our event planning team. Here are some resources to stimulate ideas your potential events. Once you’re inspired, our event planners will work with you to ensure that your corporate event will be memorable experience.

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Why not host your own Stampede party and Canada’s birthday celebration? Event planners can also support individuals and groups who want to host their own celebrations with family, friends and neighbours. We’ve pulled together some suggestions to consider:

  • Event style: backyard BBQ, corporate hoedown, or birthday party
  • Theme: Red and White linking Canada’s 150th and the Calgary Stampede
  • Décor: cowboy hats, red and white balloons and a chuckwagon race cake
  • Floral: red and white mums with Canada Flags as centerpieces
  • Gifts: chocolate cowboy hats, red and white truffles, maple syrup fudge

Working with a full service event planner you can leverage these major celebrations through your own event. Simply Elegant is a one-stop shop that can provide a variety of exceptional event planning services to assist you:

  • Catering
  • Event planning
  • Wedding planning
  • Floral Design
  • Décor Services

So there you have it: a great reason to celebrate and lots of fantastic ideas for building a special occasion. Simply Elegant’s event specialists are ready to help you make your 2017 celebration a truly outstanding experience. Give us a call or check out our web-site.