One of the most important considerations in making an event successful is to find the best and most reliable caterer. It is the job of Calgary caterers to offer well presented and tasty foods during the event. However, you have to consider that caterers got a lot of behind-the-scene tasks before they successfully present what you want them to prepare.

There are several questions to ask your Calgary caterers before your event. You have to do this to ensure that you communicate based on what you exactly needed. These lists of questions will help you determine whether the caterer deserves to do the job for your event.

  1. Can the caterer conduct a tasting of specific foods you want prior to hiring? – They should schedule a tasting if you think that you got a great vibe.

  2. What is the average price range of the caterer? – When you ask this question, ask the caterer whether their costs have been itemized based on the chosen foods, or if there have been all-inclusive flat rates. If so, does it include tax, gratuity, linens, etc.?

  3. What is the Calgary caterers’ signature fare? –  Every catering service provider has its specialty, thus, it is highly essential to know the defining style and expertise. When you do so, you will determine which one can meet your needs and standards.

  4. What will the company do for the guests who have dietary restrictions and allergies? – Special diets such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and kosher have been major concerns for many guests. Thus, see to it that the caterer is prepared enough in handling food requests. It would be smart enough to ask the company how it approaches such issue, most especially in terms of last-minute requests.

  5. Are the Calgary caterers licensed and with liability insurance and health permits? – Never be sidetracked by the taste and look of the foods that the caterer presents. Keep in mind that you need to verify whether the company got the essential safety and healthy bona fides.

  6. Where do their foods come from? – As Locavore food movement becomes popular, planner should determine where the served foods come from. It is because guests will also be interested about it. Ask the company if vendors, purveyors, or local farms factor in equation. If it does, note it on your menus.

  7. How will the company’s staff dress? – As you check each decoration detail in creating the aesthetic of your event, never forget to inquire about the way that its catering staff dresses. This will affect the overall feel and look of the event.

  8. How does it deal with leftovers? – Try asking whether the caterer has its own procedure in dealing with the food waste after the event. It is always an important concern between the caterer and the planner.

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These are only some of the essential questions that can help you save money and time when it comes to choosing a Calgary caterer for your event. You have to be smart enough in making decisions to ensure that your event will be successful.