Hey everyone! Just wanted to share an article that recently appeared in 660 News, written by Jonathan Muma. It features both the company and one of our own Sharon Barwick commenting on the catering trends this holiday season. Thank you all for your support!

For a lot of people, it’s far too early to be thinking about Christmas plans, but corporations planning on having a party that haven’t booked it yet may be dealing with some less than jolly employees.

Event planners say venues are booking up fast in Calgary.

David Howard with The Event Group says it looks like more organizations want to have parties this year and things have picked up substantially.

“We’re up I would suggest 25 per cent over what we were last year, but at the same time people are being conservative with their spending and watching every dollar,” he said.

Sharon Barwick, Event Manager at Simply Elegant, said some of the trends she’s seeing is a move away from the traditional turkey dinner to more exotic menus, and personalized drinks.

“They’re wanting to develop a signature drink that they can name something from their own company using infused syrups or something like that, or a specialty coffee drink,” she explained. “We’re noticing that a lot of companies want to focus on a winter wonderland, magical decor or they want to go with a glitzy Gatsby look; it’s gone very formal this year.”

The busiest day for corporate events is December 13 and Howard suggested those having trouble booking something should try doing something in January.

He also recommended doing planning for Christmas parties earlier next year, as early as April.

Original written by Jonathan Muma, 660 News Nov 6, 2014

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