Here’s a fun fact: Father’s Day dates back almost 4,000 years.

The story goes that a Babylonian youth named Elmesu carved the first known Father’s Day card in clay with a special message that wished his dear old dad good health and a long and happy life.

We’re sure his dad appreciated it.

But let’s be honest, ever since that first clay card, a lot of dads have been shortchanged when it comes to their big day. Father’s Day just doesn’t get the recognition that Mother’s Day gets…

Father’s Day, as we know it today, was first originated 100 years ago this month by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington. While listening to a Mother’s Day sermon, she decided to establish a celebration for fathers as well. And the tie industry has never looked back…

Dodd’s father, a widower and Civil War veteran, raised her and her five siblings for 21 years after their mother died.

She encouraged local churches to institute a day of observance for fathers. And because her father was born in June, she chose June 19, 1910 as the celebration day.

But even though it was widely celebrated for decades, Father’s Day wasn’t officially recognized as a national day of observance until 1972.

Like we said, Father’s Day just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

There are several reasons: Father’s Day is celebrated in the middle of a very busy month. It’s surrounded by graduations, proms, weddings, and the beginning of summer vacation. Mothers are smart for so many reasons, not the least of which, their special day falls in the oh-so-less-cluttered month of May.
With fathers increasingly involved in family life, observing Father’s Day is becoming more important to many. If you’re looking for something that is not too over the top (and isn’t a tie), how about turning Father’s Day into a special event for dad?  It might require a little more thought, but he’s worth it.  Here are a few suggestions…

  • Breakfast in bed: Gooey eggs and burnt toast aren’t just for Mom anymore…
  • An awesome toy.  He’s still a big kid, so why not light up his life with a power drill or a putter, or an iPad, or… well, you get the idea.
  • A day off.  He may have a “to-do” list – maybe you can do one or two of the “to-do” things on it. Sometimes the best gift is just to help your dad.
  • Barbecue accessories for your favorite grill-master.
  • A new snazzy shaving kit – shaving is something most dads do every day, so he’ll always think of you.
  • Books.  There are millions of them out there.  There’s bound to be one with his name on it.
  • Time together.  For most dads, just spending the day with him is the greatest gift you can give.
  • Make him a handmade card.  He’ll love the personal touch.
  • Participate in a Father’s Day Run or in another event in which the proceeds go towards charity, perhaps prostate cancer research.
  • Oh, and like moms, most dad’s like clothes and chocolate too!
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Whatever you choose, this is a day for you to show your love and appreciation for your father. And that’s the best gift of all.