Event security is often an afterthought in event planning, but it should be one of the most important topics to plan out. Having an event secured from many different angles requires forethought and and proper event planning. Here are some best practices successful event planners employ when coordinating event security for your next event.

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Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

If you have rented space for an event, be sure to find out what kind of event security plan the company has in place already. Are there security cameras?  If so, where are they located?  Is there an alarm system and will you be expected to engage or disengage it?  Is there an event security system in place that will automatically trigger a call to the police or to the fire department and what are the parameters that would make that occur?

Know Your Exits

Be aware of the venue, both inside and out. Walk the perimeter of the facility. Know where the access points are. Will interior doors be locked during the party?  If so, will you be provided a key? Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it is important that you are aware of all aspects of the venue.

Keep in Contact

If you are going to station people near remote exits and/or at the front door, be sure that everyone is in contact with each other. Ensure that each of the people has a cell phone and can text or call each other should the need arise. Modern communication tools like text messages and instant messages on smart phones allow for quick and easy communications between the event team members. Make sure you test one tool and stick with it at your events.

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Think Ahead

Is there an event happening in the area near the rented facility that could potentially cause problems?  Anticipate the foot traffic in your area and any potential events that could impact you. Planning ahead helps you to prepare an appropriate response. Experienced event planners use proven “what it” scenarios in preparing a larger event. Thinking ahead is one of the key differentiators that separate small time event planners and higher end specialized event planning companies.

Event security is one of the most important areas of event planning be it a wedding, private party or a conference. Dealing with your event planners, make sure that you discuss the area covered in this article in more details. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions. Out team at Simply Elegant is always there to answer your questions.