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All of us at Simply Elegant are humbled by the work done by Hospice Calgary. That’s why we’re very proud to announce that, once again, Hospice Calgary is Simply Elegant’s charity of choice for the 2010 season.

As we did last year, Simply Elegant and staff members plan to help raise money for Hospice Calgary through their annual walk, walking with Hospice Calgary clergy as part of “The Holy Crows.”

As we did last year, we will help the residents and staff of Hospice Calgary celebrate Christmas with a beautiful traditional feast with some non traditional accents. The Seafood Platter went over particularly well. And we will provide small events throughout the year to brighten the days of those at Hospice Calgary.

If you are inclined towards charitable giving this season, please consider a donation to Hospice Calgary. Here is a bit more about their vital efforts to bring dignity and care to those who are very ill.

About Hospice Calgary

A leader for over 30 years in end-of-life and bereavement care, Hospice Calgary provides services through two centres of care: Rosedale Hospice and its Counselling & Education Centre.  Hospice Calgary is a registered

Life is a journey…

Wherever the journey takes us, life is meant to be lived to the fullest every day.  Hospice Calgary is here to help patients, clients and their families to make the most of life.

A Philosophy of Care at End-of-Life

Hospice is both a philosophy of care and a program that provides compassionate, quality care for persons with limited life expectancy and those caring for them.  It focuses on enhancing comfort, dignity and choice.  Support extends to caregivers, friends and family members during times of grief.

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24-Hour Care at Rosedale Hospice

Rosedale Hospice is Hospice Calgary’s 24-hour residential end-of-life care centre for adults with cancer.  Overlooking the city in the neighborhood of Rosedale, the home provides personalized care in a beautiful setting.

Counselling & Education Centre

Hospice Calgary provides support for children, teenagers and their families who have experienced a loss through death – whether sudden, accidental or anticipated.  Hospice Calgary specializes in child and teen-friendly techniques to build strength and renew hope.  Hospice Calgary offers:

  • Individual and family counselling
  • Bereavement Groups – “Kid’s Club” and teen “Dream Catchers” groups
  • Specialized trauma counselling

Community Education and Professional Consultation

Hospice Calgary offers a wide variety of workshops, training sessions and school grief programs that can be customized to fit any group.

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