Your event planner is very aware of how significant the quality and presentation of food is to you and your guests. No matter the size of the occasion, the menu choices at your event are extremely important.

At Simply Elegant we know that the rush of flavor and the aroma of really fresh ingredients make for a great dining experience.

The fragrance of cilantro in a mango salsa, the crisp snap of a heritage tomato in a salad, or the mouth-watering complexity of a warm bison steak just off the grill; each of these delights comes from Simply Elegant’s commitment to bring local food to your table in ways that many of us are unaware.

Craft beer and cider breweries, organic food grocers, community and farmers markets, and small niche specialty shops and butchers are just a few examples of the growing consumer interest in locally sourced foods. The local food movement has been gaining ground for several decades. Most people are familiar with the organic and sustainable food “movements” that were started by the “flower children” of the sixties.

History of Organic Food Movement

Over the past five decades, the organic food movement has grown to a huge industry that supplies products to restaurants, grocers and homes. More recently the “100 mile diet” and the emphasis on locally grown foods has gained popularity. Grocery stores are seeing increasingly more selective consumers seeking new and different products for their home dining and entertaining experience.

Local Foods in Calgary

In Calgary, the huge growth of independent grocers and small “gourmet” shops demonstrates the consumer demand for fresher, sustainable, local and organic products. Many stores have dedicated considerable space to organic produce and meats, whole aisles have been set aside for local products and tasting are regularly offered for new local products. Where you used to take a bottle of wine when going out for dinner, It’s become popular to take homemade or unique hand-crafted food gifts as a gift for your host.

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Food magazines, gourmet food and recipe sharing websites like Pintrest have vast numbers of “posts” dedicated to locally sourced foods. As well, television talk shows, food programs and news sources are bringing us more information about farmers, commercial manufacturers and chefs who use fresh, organic and local food sources.

There are substantive environmental advantages to serving and consuming locally grown produce and meats. Reducing the transportation of food ensures fresher, riper produce and reduces the carbon footprint that transport trucks leave. The food industry’s love affair with the local food movement is a very complex and compelling relationship.

“Every person I have ever known expresses eating something tasty the same way, it first starts with taste, the closing of eyes, a smile and then……. recognition of a truly marvelous moment.  This is what I seek when people eat good food. I recognize that part of that experience stems from understanding what you ate and where it comes from.  Fresh food must be local, this means that it grew ripe not in transport but from picking it at the right time.” Robert Vidra

Simply Elegant on Fresh-made Food

At Simply Elegant, our CEO, Rob Vidra has made a commitment to bring clients a more exciting, fresh and local selection to our menu offerings. We are proud of the relationships that we have developed with local suppliers like Glengary Bison, Alberta Cheese and Poplar Bluff Organics. Along with our in-house grown herbs, these companies provide our clients with foods that make our menu one of the freshest dining experiences in Calgary.

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We know that for a chef to be inspired they have to understand the foods they are using. Growing your own food helps bring someone closer to the art of cooking. Our chefs and catering team have been challenging themselves to making your dining experience better than ever! We’ve started with our “House Made Philosophy.” We believe that our meats, produce, condiments and sweets can be fresher, tastier and more affordable. With that in mind we:

  • make food on the premises from materials that have not undergone significant modification from a natural state
  • create menus from scratch using natural instead of processed foods
  • grow herbs, gourmet salad and micro-greens in our in-house gardens
  • use sustainable fishes and products and
  • source local foods whenever possible

“Calgary can be an environmentally challenging place to grow fresh food but there are many opportunities to experiment on bringing local tastes to our menus. So why not try.” Simply Elegant continues to lead the way for others as we bring more of the local experience to our clients and consumers.

Watch for new menu items and much more from our amazing kitchens as we seek to bring you the freshest and most compelling selections for your upcoming events! Call us if you want to know more about our commitment to the local food experience and let us help you create a great event!