The new Waterfront Park venue is a gorgeous location in Calgary, Alberta for a destination wedding with a honeymoon in Banff National Park to follow.

With so many couples seeking an ideal destination wedding, more are looking for a domestic location that will save them money while making the trip one their guests will love. We think Alberta has so much to offer with its spectacular mountains and adventure lifestyle. In particular, Calgary is ideal for wedding receptions and dinner because it’s so close to Banff National Park.

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One of the greatest challenges in planning a destination wedding celebration is for the groom and bride to find a great venue that will be both memorable and unique.

After the fun and celebration at the reception, the married couple will be ready some private, romantic time with each other. With Banff only an hour away, there isn’t anywhere in Canada more beautiful and ready to provide honeymooners with spectacular views, amazing lodging and great food and, if you really want, some great activities from hiking to golfing or skiing to spas.

As you plan your honeymoon, think about whether you want a small boutique style hotel, a bed and breakfast, a lodge or a grand hotel experience. Banff has every style of lodging to meet your needs from charming guest-houses to the spectacular Banff Springs Hotel.

For foodies there are amazing restaurants and bars to check out with just about every style and nationality represented! And did we mention romance?! The scenery is breath taking with every glance. Long forest walks, gondolas to mountain tops or relaxing in a hot spring are just a few ways to enhance your private time together.

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As you prepare for your escape remember that this is an experience for the two of you. It’s an opportunity to enjoy each other and get to know each other even better. Consider booking couples massages or private golfing or skiing lessons. Do something that’s going to provide some very special memories in the future. Have breakfast in bed, take a romantic walk down a mountain trail, enjoy a special celebratory dinner in a unique setting. Take lots of pictures to share with your friends and family upon your return.

On the other hand, if including your “besties” on your honeymoon is more your style, look for venues that provide group rates and even group activities. A trail ride might be fun, snowboarding lessons, zip-lining through the trees, private wine or scotch tastings or even Frisbee golf could be great for your group. Smaller group dinners in private dining rooms or boutique hotels noted for their unique menus could provide for some great stories and pictures. And you could still find some time for romance in the privacy of your bridal suite!

You can check the following websites for ideas about a honeymoon spots in the Canmore – Banff area.

Having an in town wedding with a nearby honeymoon escape can make for a very special celebration for the bride and groom. It can also reduce some of the pressure that you feel when planning for your nuptials. These ideas can get you started in your planning your special day.

If you need assistance, Simply Elegant Events can assist you in finding the best space to make your special day a unique and memorable event. We are a full service provider for any size-wedding event.

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