You have just received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! Don’t watch your hand delivered wedding flowers fade away, and look droopy and tired after only a couple of days. Fresh wedding flowers will eventually lose their bloom, but with the proper care you can keep them looking beautiful for a lot longer than you may think.

Here are some tips that for a few moments each day, will keep you enjoying the scent and beauty of your wedding flowers.

Trim Flower Ends

Your fresh wedding flowers will be thirsty and need to absorb water and nutrients through their stems, so it’s important to keep stems as open and clear as possible. Forget the scissors and use only a sharp knife or pruning shears to cut the stems along a slant. Scissors will pinch the stems and potentially block the absorption of water and nutrients.

Water Flowers Properly

Remove all leaves below the water level to minimize the growth of bacteria. Trim the stems with a knife and replace the water daily. Use warm to hot water for hollow stemmed wedding flowers such as roses and Gerbera daisies to blow out any possible air pockets.

Feed Them Well

Pop, pennies, and sugar do not destroy the bacteria in water as well as professional plant food does. Food made specifically for wedding flowers is your best bet for keeping your blooms looking fresh and lively. Your florist can provide commercial flower food for you to add to the water.

Keep Flowers Cool

Place your wedding flowers in a cool area so that they last longer. Heat from windows and TV’s will steal the life from your blooms.

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Wedding Flower Tips

Plan your date carefully if you are on a budget and have a large wedding party. Flowers may cost 30% more during peak seasons such as Easter, Valentines and Mothers Day. Local, seasonal wedding flowers are your best bet for a DIY wedding.

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