Written by guest blogger Naomi Shaw

Weddings are ever-changing with new trends constantly emerging. While princess-like wedding dresses, identically dressed bridesmaids and tiered wedding cakes are tradition, this year brings a whole new crop of trends that any stylish bride would be proud to include in her wedding. Everything from dresses to flowers to food have been updated with a modern twist. Before planning any wedding, it’s worth giving these trends a once-over.

Cool and Relaxed

Choosing the perfect wedding dress may have just gotten easier thanks to more brides opting for Boho style wedding dresses. According to Glamour, these are the off-the-shoulder, flowy dresses that are reminiscent of the popular 1970s style. Not only are brides ditching traditional style, but going toward cream and blush colored dresses instead of white. Pair these laidback dresses with flowers in your hair for a completely romantic and whimsical look.

Colorful Flower Girls

Everyone loves the moment when the cute, little flower girl comes down the aisle in a precious white dress, but now she has become even more adorable thanks to a new trend. Many brides are rethinking the white flower girl dresses for something more colorful and vibrant to really have the little one pop. Simply Elegant points out that pastel colors are proving to be powerful in this wedding season, so think pinks, purples and maybe even a soft yellow.

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Remember all of those photos of brides dressed identically in hideous dresses? Well, that’s no more thanks to the previous trend of mismatched bridesmaid trends.  Brides are recognizing that not all bridesmaids are created equally, so they are allowing their wedding party to mix it up and wear styles more flattering of their bodies. This allows everybody to feel more comfortable and look their best.

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Don’t Let Them Eat Cake

What’s a wedding without a delicious, tiered cake? An upgraded, trendy wedding when you ditch the cake, which can actually save you money in the long run. Many couples are going the route of something a bit more exciting like assorted donuts, cream-filled cookies, or decorative cupcakes. Simply Elegant helps brides bring their non-cake ideas to life for not only a fun trend, but as a way to express their personality and creativity for an unforgettable wedding.

Bold and Vibrant

While light-colored flowers are often associated with weddings, many upcoming brides are deciding on something a bit bolder and vibrant to make a more powerful fashion statement. Outstanding oranges, ravishing reds, and passionate purples are brightening up bridal bouquets and centerpieces at weddings all over the place.

Recaptured Love

One particular trend is connecting couple’s most special moments leading up to their marriage with their actual wedding day which Bridal Guide is referring to as “the new destination wedding”. They are actually incorporating pieces that have significance into their wedding day such as using college colors to represent that they met on campus. It can be any theme, including food, lighting, color palettes, and more.

Unique Mark

Instead of picking the best-looking monogram available, many couples are going the route of designing their own. This allows the couple to leave their unique mark all over the wedding from “save-the-dates to photo and website backdrops to recipe cards for the signature cocktail,” according to Bridal Guide. Couples are expressing their love and creativity in a trendy, new way.

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Even if you’re a traditionalist, incorporating a trend or two into your wedding can help make it a truly unforgettable day. Everything from your wedding dress to the wedding party to the theme can be jazzed up to allow your unique personality to shine through. As Anne Hathaway beautifully summed it up, “Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility,” so make yours as full of possibility and wonder with some exciting trends.