Here are our Top 10 party planning tips to make your next party a big hit. Starting off with #10…

10. Take the time to coordinate the food, music and dress code for your party to come up with a theme that guests can talk about. Pick a couple of colors to use throughout and choose linens with your color selection to bring your theme together.

9. Having themed decor based on your type of celebration can be a big hit. If it’s an intimate affair or a splashy bash, you can make your party special with decorations to thrill your guests. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or corporate celebratory party – be sure to attend to the details to create one cohesive theme.

8. Take photos and videos to post on social media. You can even have your own #hashtag to promote the party before, during and after the event!

7. Have you thought about a centerpiece for your table? Floral designs can make the party even more festive. You can have either fresh or botanical flowers for a splash of color to liven up the room.

6. A game to get people interacting can be a hit if guests don’t know each other well. Think about the interests of your guests to figure out what would get them engaged and get them involved.

5. Have party favours and / or a parting gift for guests that’s tied to your theme so your guests will remember what a great party you threw.

4. Finger foods are great for entertaining! Use small disposable plates and napkins for an easy clean up. There are so many delectable possibilities to choose from! From Salmon Roulade or Beef Tartare to Duck Confit or Chicken Bacon Taco, appetizer parties can make your life so much easier than serving a formal dinner.

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3. Consider a “help yourself bar” with mixes available and a pre-made punch to make sure your guests are properly taken care of without the need for you to pour for them. Remember, if you’re serving alcohol at your party, be sure to give guests opportunities to get home safely.

2. If you plan to go with a full bar, you might consider hiring a bartender or assigning a friend the job so you’re not stuck mixing drinks all night long.

1. As the host or hostess, the best way to make guests enjoy the party is to have some fun yourself. Take the stress off yourself by having your food catered and relax!

Thinking of hosting your next party? Be sure to let us know what we can do to make you shine this year! We look for feedback on any party planning tips we missed there.