Planning a spring wedding can be an exciting experience. Spring often brings with it the best weather all year long in some people’s minds. This tends to make people feel more creative and lends itself to some excellent wedding planning.

Spring colour scheme

The current color scheme of springtime weddings has started to include apple red paired with white. Couples seem to love the combination of a soft white with the bright red color typically associated with an apple. Springtime wedding cakes are reflecting both colors and themes most strongly associated with this season.

The days of the flower girl wearing a white dress are now fewer and further between as many brides are choosing to dress their flower girl in pastel colors that match the spring season perfectly.

Spring wedding flowers

In addition to a change in typical flower girl dresses, the flowers couples are choosing for a springtime wedding now include types that bloom towards the end of the spring season every year such as peonies and sweet peas.

Couples are choosing these particular flowers frequently because of the variety of colors they are available in. Flowers such as sweet peas and peonies also work well in both centerpieces and bouquets for the bride and her maids.

Flowers that bloom in the early part of spring, such as crocuses, cherry blossoms and snowdrops are also frequently being chosen for weddings.

Many couples have embraced the idea of choosing the flowers they want at their wedding before choosing their wedding colors. This ensures that everything will match on the big day and choosing the flowers first often prevents couples from going over budget.

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Spring wedding theme

Planning the theme for a spring wedding around certain colors makes everything easier for some couples. The most popular color choices for a springtime wedding include lavender and pink.

Once a couple has chosen the colors they intend to use, it helps them narrow down what types of flowers to use. Then they incorporate the color scheme into a cake style and color easier. This can simplify choosing the accent colors for such things as bridesmaid dresses, which is often one of the first decisions to make when is planning any wedding.

Whether a couple chooses their colors or the type of flowers they want to use first is simply a matter of personal preference. Either way, things tend to fall into place faster when decisions are made in order of importance.

There are other ways to choose a wedding theme, including any upcoming holidays that might mean something to a particular couple. For example, if a wedding is taking place close to Easter, an Easter lily theme could be appropriate.

Hyacinths and lilies are often used in weddings falling close to Easter because those are the flowers most strongly associated with the holiday. Easter holiday weddings where children will be present provide the perfect opportunity to provide them with an Easter Egg hunt during the wedding reception, especially if the wedding is outdoors.

We hope that these tips can help you make your springtime wedding a bit more fresh and on trend. Share your opinion in the comments and let us know about your wedding or the springtime wedding you are planning right now.

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