June is the most popular months for a summer wedding to take place. Many women grow up dreaming about being a June bride. With so many options available for summertime weddings, summer wedding trends are changing every year. This year’s summer wedding trends include low key music, dynamic color choices and many new themes.

Summer wedding music

Since summertime is generally a more relaxed season than any other, an increasing number of summer brides are looking to play more low key music during their ceremony and reception now than in the past. For the cocktail hour in between the ceremony and reception, couples are choosing string trios or quartets, or even pianists, rather than more vocal types of music.

Brave couples who are looking for something different are starting to choose options such as steel drum players or a singer that also plays the ukulele. Their wedding receptions are beginning to include big band or swing music as opposed to a DJ, or a local cover band. These preferred types of music are bringing a new and refreshing kick to summertime wedding receptions.

Summer wedding colours

When it comes to choosing the color scheme for a summertime wedding, more is less. This means most couples are choosing to use only one or two colors, or possibly an accent color added in. Splashes of various colors can often make a wedding reception look louder and more daring than many couples are willing to settle for at their summertime wedding.

Using only one dynamic color makes a stronger statement than combining too many colors. Most couples are choosing for all their table linens and each of their centerpieces to include one color only. Centerpieces featuring multiple colors are no longer the wedding trend in summertime weddings, as couples often prefer to keep it simpler. Alternated floral arrangements that only include one color are what is trending in summertime weddings this year.

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Summer wedding themes

Wedding themes are becoming more personalized than they were in the past. For example, many couples are choosing a theme that represents an interest or hobby they had as a child, such as attending camp. For couples who long to recreate their childhood summer camp experiences, getting married at a campsite can be a great idea.

Some couples choose to have their wedding theme reflect where they are going for their honeymoon. A couple honeymooning in Hawaii may choose to have their wedding in a beautiful garden, which will mentally and physically prepare them for the trip.

Summer wedding drinks

Another aspect of summertime wedding planning that is changing this year is the drinks offered to the guests at the reception. While virtually every wedding reception traditionally includes wine, some couples are opting instead to serve wine smoothies.

Couples are also having wine smoothies served at their cocktail hour as well. With less alcohol in these drinks than in a margarita, for example, wine smoothies are often a better choice for summertime weddings because alcohol is known to dehydrate people, especially during the warm summer months.

Summertime weddings are quickly changing and evolving as couples are embracing these new wedding trends. What’s your opinion on the wedding trends and where they’ll go this year? It’s your turn, so please share your opinion in the comments section below.