You’ve got your plan of action on how and when to pop the big question. Now it’s time to think about the engagement ring. It’s possible your bride-to-be (don’t faint – that’s what she’ll become!) has dropped many hints about what type of engagement ring she wants.

How to choose the right engagement ring?

Study the kind of jewelry she generally wears. Is it simple of flashy? Does she prefer platinum, yellow or white gold? Does she prefer simple styles or something that will be instantly noticed? Do you know what kind of cut of stone she prefers?

It can pay to go window shopping for jewelry and take note of her reaction to certain shapes and styles. You may even be surprised to find out that she’s not a diamond girl. Remember the engagement ring is important – she’ll be wearing it for the rest of her life…no pressure though.

But if all else fails, consult with your girlfriend’s friends or sisters about ring styles.

Do you need an engagement ring to propose?

Technically, no, but many women may tell you that neglecting to have an engagement ring at your proposal is the most serious proposal related mistake a man can make. Need we say more?

How to measure the size of engagement ring without her noticing?

You should probably consider how to figure out the ring size of your girlfriend’s wedding finger. There is an easy way to do this without any measuring required. Chances are she wears a ring on her right hand ring finger and she’ll probably take that ring off occasionally.

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Launch a covert operation and sneak the ring away to make an impression in a bar of soap or lay it down on a piece of paper and trace the circumference.

But don’t get too hung up on ring size. Although it is nice to have a perfect fit, remember that jewelers can easily resize an engagement ring to make it either bigger or smaller.

But the right style matters most. If you get it right you’re ahead of the game by demonstrating to your wife-to-be that you listened to what she really wants.

Now, get down on one knee, and good luck!