Fall weddings are a lot of fun! Yes, it gets colder, yes the leaves start to fall. But it’s your special day! Does it matter when it happens? No. So, if you’re planning a fall wedding next year or looking for ideas to polish up your late fall wedding this year, these visual fall wedding ideas from around the social web should give you some great inspiration.

Fall wedding ideas: just for laughs

We’ve looked through a large number of fall wedding videos but this one gets the cake. Super boring, machine-read yet very informative. Want to read an article without actually reading it, AND smile? Just play this video in the background.

Super visual fall wedding ideas

This cool video is way more visual and gives you some of the cutest fall wedding ideas from decor to dishes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

A list of 46 stylish wedding invitations

Wedding invitations may seem as a small part of a big picture but in fact they’re a big deal. Some say that invitations lay the foundation of your wedding theme because this is the first print (touchable) material your guest see and touch. See these great ideas and get inspired for a great fall-themed wedding invitation.

Some more fall wedding ideas

Here’s a good, well spoken and informative video to conclude our list of fall wedding ideas.

Here’s some other fall wedding ideas may give you a bit of an inspiration too.

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Twigs and raffia

When it comes to decorating the wedding ceremony venue, a popular choice will be twigs and raffia. These items lend a rustic style and feeling to any fall wedding. Couples are using them to line the aisle the bride will be walking down as well as to add some style to the wedding altar.

These items are being tied into wedding receptions by making up part of the centerpieces. Tea light candles scattered on the tables complete the rustic look many couples are looking for, and are adding to the ambience of the room.

Colored lit lanterns

For slightly stronger light that still adds to the ambience of any fall wedding, another popular decorating choice is amber colored lit lanterns. The warm light that these lanterns give off goes perfectly with the colors most couples would use in a fall wedding.

This adds a simple touch of class to the dining tables at the wedding reception. Many couples are moving away from the more traditional centerpieces and beginning to use a single lantern as the focal point of each table.

The trend of using lanterns is even spreading as far as the stationary used for wedding invitations and thank you notes sent to guests after the ceremony.

Freshly baked pies

Though wedding cake is generally the dessert focused on the most during the reception, couples are now beginning to put that focus more on the pies they are serving to their guests.

Many people associate the fall season with freshly baked pies and couples can choose from different flavors such as blueberry, cherry, apple, or for an even more special touch, persimmon.

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The new trend is to serve mini pies at the reception, in a variety of flavors so every guest can pick the one they will enjoy the most. This trend has inspired some couples to use mini pie tins in place of the more traditional wedding favors. Couples are even including a favorite pie recipe in each tin.

Seasonal drinks

Aside from dessert, another big attraction at most wedding receptions and cocktail hours is the drinks offered to guests. To mark a fall wedding, couples are choosing to serve seasonal drinks such as caramel appletinis, which include vodka and come garnished with chocolate syrup.

To go along with the appletini theme couples are choosing to give out caramel apples to each wedding guest to take home with them.

Halloween theme weddings

For the truly brave couples, Halloween weddings are becoming an increasingly popular choice. This is providing couples with a built in theme that lends itself to many ideas. Some couples are even choosing one type of Halloween theme for their ceremony and a different one for their reception.

Since weddings are all about being creative, Halloween weddings lend themselves to this nicely. Couples getting married in the fall have many more choices available to them now than they did in the past.

As we mentioned earlier, fall is the perfect season to get married! You can celebrate the beauty of the season by choosing colors and natural elements to tie into your wedding decorating scheme. We hope that this list of fall themed resources will help you decide your next year’s wedding or make this year’s a bit more exciting. Let us know if Simply Elegant can help in any way.

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Now it’s your turn to share your fall wedding experience in the comments. Or you can ask us questions on fall wedding ideas and we might be able to come up with a few more together. In any case, let’s talk and create your perfect wedding together!