It’s easier to talk with your florist about wedding flowers when you’re familiar with the basic terminology for bridal bouquets. Choose a style that goes with your personality and budget.

Dramatic Bouquets

If you want a striking look, consider a presentation bouquet. It’s inspired by the wedding flowers loving fans present to stages actresses. You can use any long-stemmed variety like calla lilies or orchids to cradle in your arm like a beauty pageant winner. For the ultimate extravagance, there’s the composite bouquet where various petals get arranged to look like a single fantasy bloom.

Traditional Bouquets

If you often find inspiration in the past, you might prefer the cascade or a Biedermeier. Cascades, the choice of Princess Diana, are fuller on top and give the impression of a waterfall spilling over their handheld base. Biedermeiers are named after a German interior design movement. They look like a bull’s eye with rings of alternating colors.

Outdoor Bouquets

Hand-tied bouquets are perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Get a fresh-from-the-garden look with a dense bunch of snapdragons and Queen Anne’s Lace tied together with ribbon over wire or placed within a tussy-mussy, that Victorian cone-shaped holder. For colder months, the muff bouquet and a pair of long gloves will keep your hands warm. All you need to do is pin a corsage on your muff.

Affordable Bouquets

For additional simple and inexpensive options, there’s the wrist corsage or a ballerina, a round bouquet with plenty of fabric to accentuate a few strategically placed blossoms. As an added advantage, smaller bouquets don’t wilt as quickly or as conspicuously as the bigger ones.

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Whatever style you choose, keep your wedding flowers at their freshest. Ask for them to be delivered in a vase with water and protected from the sun’s rays.  If possible, keep them refrigerated in the original packaging until just before the ceremony. Enjoy your special day and contact us for more ideas about Calgary wedding planning.