Most couples want to incorporate wedding flowers and floral arrangements into their wedding. However, this can become very expensive for a couple on a budget. Rather than sacrificing the flowers, there are ways to incorporate them without breaking the bank.

First and foremost, all flowers are part of your wedding investment and need to be budgeted for as one of your expenses. Flowers like Babys Breath are not necessarily inexpensive because they are still grown commercially and shipped across Canada and the world.

It is important to be flexible when choosing wedding flowers that you can reasonably afford. The more flexible and open minded you are the easier it is to obtain the perfect floral arrangements for your big day. Provided the color and style of the flower matches your wedding colors and/or theme, don’t get hung up on what type of flowers they are.

The best thing to do is to choose flowers that will be in season during your wedding. The two types of flowers you can obtain for the same price pretty much any time of the year are carnations and mums, so these would likely be your best bet if you are open to one or the other, or both. Otherwise, if your wedding is in the spring your most cost effective choices will be tulips and daffodils. If your wedding is in the fall, you are better off choosing Gerbera daisies and Chrysanthemums.

If you are getting married close to a holiday such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, be aware that the price of most flowers spikes at these times. This is especially true of roses because of the number of people purchasing them for one or both holidays.

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If you have your heart set on roses for a Valentine’s Day wedding or a wedding that falls close to Mother’s Day, consider obtaining permanent botanical flowers that often look just as realistic. They will still be an investment but you will be able to keep the floral work forever.

The simpler the weddings flowers you are willing to use, the better deal you will get. Small bouquets hand held bouquets cost less than large cascading bouquets. Floral arrangements combined with more budgetary alternatives to your favorite flower can be a good way to obtain them for your wedding without doing major damage to your budget.

It is likely that the only aspect of your wedding flowers your guests will remember is the shape of the flower and its color. This means if you love white calla lilies but can’t afford an arrangement of them, go with white iris; a cheaper alternative that will still be just as impressive to your guests and just as beautiful to you.

If you are including flowers in your centerpieces, Work with a floral designer who can create a fabulous look through a simple design using one or two heads. The final result will be just as beautiful without costing you too much.

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