By now, like everyone else, you’ve probably seen the film Crazy Rich Asians – if you haven’t…better go.

The wedding scene is unbelievable! Spoiler alert – there’s a stream flowing through the church, which has been decorated to look like a rice paddy in the evening – complete with fireflies! You can’t pull that off as a DIY project.

Okay, honestly, there aren’t a lot of wedding planners who could pull off that Hollywood spectacle without the Hollywood budget and staff and the Singapore location.

Back here in reality, hiring a wedding planner is not as expensive or frivolous as some people think. While we are surrounded by DIY websites videos, television programs, and magazines, the temptation is to go it on your own and let your creativity fly.

However, when you are a working couple with lots of demands on your time, what starts off as a fun adventure can turn into a bride and groom’s worst nightmare of unfinished décor, broken contracts and disappointing food. A professional wedding planner can make your special day run smoothly and still reflect your unique style.

Here’s a quick link to assist you in deciding if you need a wedding planner:

What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner can provide a wide range of services from invitation design and wording to venue selection, from bridal shower and bachelor party to reception and even assist with planning the honeymoon.

On the wedding day, having a go-to-person, who will take responsibility for making decisions and directing vendors and guests, means the bride and groom can be worry free and able to enjoy the event.

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With a wide range of services being offered, you can adapt your contract with a wedding planner to give you whatever creative input and involvement you want. It’s up to you to decide what responsibilities you can and want to retain.

It’s also important to remember that event planners, who may be available at different venues, are not the same as wedding planners. These people may provide great assistance to you at the specific facility but they are venue employees first.

You may have to deal with multiple event planning people at different venues rather than have a single coordinator for the whole event. This could create stress that you weren’t expecting. An experienced, professional wedding planner has a wealth of background and connections that can make huge difference in how smoothly a wedding will unfold.

What can a wedding planner do for me?

Here’s a quick review of some of the benefits of a wedding planner :

Provides experience – understands current wedding trends, can help keep you focused, knows contracts and expectations of vendors, provides skill and vision in event organization and follow through.

Saves time – takes care of scheduling, be available to contractors, provide last minute problem solving, makes appointments for meetings, creates timelines for the big day or any events leading up to the wedding.

Resolves conflicts – coordinates venues and contractors, keeps things upbeat and positive, addresses stressful situations that may arise, mediates family challenges around guest lists and seating.

Reduces costs – knows the most reliable and reasonable vendors (stationers, venues, caterers, hair dressers and barbers, wedding decorators, florists, entertainment, hotels and travel agents), knows the local service providers and may be able to get preferred customer rates, reduces running around to find best “deals,” keeps on budget.

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Reduces stress – allows for the bride and groom to focus on each other and enjoy the wedding and wedding events, listens to your worries and concerns, provides proactive solutions and acts as on site trouble shooter.

Wedding budget and expectations

Prior to engaging a professional planner, you need to know your budget and your expectations. Your budget needs to be clear in your mind so that you won’t be tempted to go for the “rice paddies” and “fireflies” no matter what the cost!

Make sure you read out guide to budgeting a Canadian wedding.

As part of your budget, you should build in a contingency for unforeseen problems or really special features that you can’t live without. If your budget is set, then you are able to make decisions with your wedding planner more easily.

Also, think about what activities or responsibilities that you wish to keep under your control. Perhaps personalized gift bags are important to you and that’s something you have the time to organize and prepare.

Maybe you want to include a special dessert that has a family history for one of the parties. Remember that you are contracting the wedding planner, and you have the final say in what is being arranged.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references

Not only should you ask for references, but you should also follow up and call past clients to see if their weddings were managed smoothly and professionally.

Living in this day and age of the Internet, you can easily check the qualifications, view past events and feedback on a potential wedding planner.

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The ultimate goal of hiring a professional is to ensure that your function goes off without a hitch. The interview can be a critical first step in successfully choosing the right planning partner for you.

Don’t take it lightly, and perhaps ask your future spouse, a close friend or family member to sit in on the interview with you before you make your final decision.

Some further reading that might help you when hiring a wedding planner:

You don’t have to be a “Crazy, Rich Asian” to have a fabulous wedding. Working with a professional wedding planner can ensure that your wedding will be filled with memorable experiences for you, your family and guests. Working with the best people means that you can have a personalized, unique and on-budget wedding.

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