Those colder months are settling in and for many brides, it’s all about a winter wedding. The winter backgrounds allow for a stunning collaboration of Mother Nature and simple elegance of a modern bride. And if you’re thinking Canadian winters aren’t conducive for presenting spectacular winter wedding flowers, think again.

Miniature roses

Miniature roses make a beautiful addition to a winter wedding bouquet. There are plenty of options in terms of color and most are compatible with other color palettes we reserve for winter. Consider smaller pinecones, holly and greens which tend to be a bit lighter in the colder months.

Christmas decor trends post is out! Make sure you have a quick read before you start decorating this holiday season.

If it’s a Christmas wedding, you’ve already decided to incorporate at least a few traditional reds, burgundies, golds, silvers and those rich evergreens.

Depending on your wedding theme, include a lovely silk ribbon or cording that showcases your bouquet while remaining true to your holiday theme. Ensure your groom and groomsmen incorporate those same cording or satin ribbon in their boutonnieres.


It may be slightly more challenging and expensive to find tulips, but for the most part, they’re actually quite sturdy and like their counterpart, the mum, they offer up a host of color options. Silver brunia and eucalyptus make great additions and won’t overpower the elegance of the tulips, calla lilies and dendrobian orchids.


If you’re not necessarily considering a holiday theme, there are several trends that are beginning to emerge for the winter wedding flowers options.

Think off-white: eggshell anemones, lightly dusted baby’s breath or “iced” berry stems. These offer just enough color and variation and they deliver exactly as they’re intended: to further enhance the wedding party’s overall look.

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Don’t be afraid to combine a bit of those crisp, winter whites with the paler eggshell colors. It can add a beautiful contrast to your winter wedding flowers.

Calla lilies

We may have saved the best for last. There is something so fragile and romantic about calla lilies. The slender design elements, the soft but distinct colors and pure feminine touch they provide can absolutely transform a wedding. They’re also divine if you incorporate some rich and hearty evergreens. Don’t choose other winter wedding flowers that will overpower your gentle calla lilies.

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