When it comes to planning a wedding there is a lot involved, especially when you’re planning a wedding in the winter. In this article we’ll share some of the most creative winter wedding ideas we came across.

It has been rated as one of the most stressful and one of the most exciting times in a person’s life.

According to an article in Canadian Living Magazine,

“There’s a certain charm to a winter wedding that just can’t be achieved in summer or spring. A snowy landscape, cosy candlelight and a roaring fire all add a touch of enchantment that peak wedding season just doesn’t offer.”


One reason many couples prefer to have a winter wedding is that they associate the season with special events they experienced together. For others it’s just more cost effective. Many couples realize the winter time is an off-season for weddings. The costs for many things they want will be much more reasonable than in the spring.


In Calgary there are many venues that provide the ability to experience nature and not be outdoors. This could be venues located near a lake or a lodge in the mountains. There are banquet halls that have large windows and can provide stunning views of nature during the event. This can also provide a magnificent background for photographs.


When people plan to have a winter wedding, it’s important they not limit themselves to the colors of ice and snow.  Red and gold can be combined to create a sense of sophistication. Some weddings have been impressive with their creative uses of shades of green with white or silver.

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The right lighting during the wedding event can complement the color scheme. It can also create a warm comfortable atmosphere. Some individuals are comfortable having white light and accents in the rooms that are silver. Other people want to have bolder colors such as white combined with red. Candles are popular to accent a room. A working fireplace could be the perfect touch.


During a winter wedding guests can still made comfortable both inside and outside. If the wedding is in a beautiful natural environment guest may want to go out and look around. A station that provides hot beverages for people coming in from the cold helps. Some weddings have provided thick blankets for people who just want to go outside for a short time and then quickly return.


For the winter of 2016, new colors, decorations and more are in style when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. Seasonal elements are being mixed with elegant details including sequins and sparkles.


For weddings taking place in the winter of 2015, the trendy colors to use in a decorating scheme are wintry natural looking greens paired with white. Neutral color palates are being taken and combined with dusty looking accented items

Contrasting colors and materials are also being used in the planning of winter weddings this year. Black or white is being paired up with cherry red for a style that is bold but still subtle. Brides and grooms are using these contrasting colors when choosing flowers for the ceremony and reception as well as wedding décor.

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This winter, wedding cakes are including a slight hint of a metallic color as well as sugar flowers. Silver sugar is also being used in wintertime wedding cakes to add a touch of glimmer. As for the flavor of this winter’s wedding cakes; rich flavors are being used more now than ever before.

Flavors that would seem overwhelming at other times of the year, such as orange chocolate and caramel spice, are perfect for wedding cakes meant for a wintertime wedding.

Displaying the cake has become just as important as the cake itself, and a popular trend for this season is to use styled cake stands that help a bride and groom make a presentation out of their wedding cake.

For example, weddings set to take place close to the Christmas holiday can make a beautiful presentation by using a cake display in the shape of a tree ring with a fresh evergreen trim.

Another option is a Lucite platform covered in sequins and adorned with holiday ornaments. This year couples are embracing the season their wedding is taking place in more than in previous years.


When it comes to planning wedding receptions this winter, sequins and velvet play a large part in the typical décor. Table linens made of velvet are becoming the trend for the guest tables at a wintertime wedding reception.

Layering velvet table linens with linens that include an overlay of sequins is a very popular choice for this year. Couples who are looking for a more understated style for their reception can still include velvet by acquiring napkin wraps made of velvet. Having the backs of the guests’ chairs covered in velvet is a simple way to add elegance to any wedding reception.

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The centerpieces being used in wintertime weddings this year include deer motifs, branches or even antlers. These items are often paired with a simple evergreen wreath. Those looking to add a touch of flowers to their centerpieces are using ivory flowers and even dusty colored roses.

These are just a few of the trends that couples are embracing for this year’s wintertime weddings. The face of wedding planning is changing in many ways thanks to exciting new trends.

A winter wedding requires experienced event planning. If you would like to learn more about having a winter wedding we can help. Contact us today and learn more.