LED Light Curtain 12′


  •     9 Controllable lighting effects
  •     Bulb Type: Cool White LED wide angle bulbs
  •     Light Count: 1,152
  •     12 feet wide by 8.5 feet tall
  •     Bulb Spacing: 4 in
  •     Hanging Length: 8.5 ft.


Our 12 foot wide, high light count, clear wire LED Curtain Lights with cool white bulbs is an easy way to create a stunning wall of lights for holidays, weddings or events. The twenty-four 8.5 foot long drops are 6 inches apart on white wire and each illuminated by 48 cool white LED wide angle bulbs for a total of 1,152 bulbs. The ten functions are: Steady, Single Bulb Chase, Shuffle, Single Bulb Fade, Two Bulb Fade, Twinkle, Chase to Dim, Sequential Fade, Fade to Dim and Combo. These cool white curtain lights create a starry effect when placed behind sheer cloth like our organza fabric.