The corporate world is continually searching for ways to engage employees and bolster productivity, many times turning to expensive measures that just don’t produce the desired results.

One of the most underutilized methods for improving employee morale is beautifying the workplace, and office flowers is an ideal technique that evokes a scenic and inviting display. Office flowers can perk up a Monday morning, brighten a dull walkway and even communicate company values.

From easing stress to promoting creativity, office flowers offer numerous benefits that positively impact your workers and overall bottom line.

1. Productivity

Forget that morning cup of coffee.

In a Harvard study, researchers found that office flowers increased participants’ energy levels and improved their moods. Many of these participants even reported that this boost in energy remained high throughout the day.

One study by the University of Exeter suggests that productivity is increased 38 percent by simply including flowers in the office.

2. Creative Vision

Floral design also greatly improves innovative thinking. A research team at Texas A&M University composed an eight-month study that looked at the effects of flowers in business settings. Both men and women demonstrated higher levels of idea generation and increased problem-solving skills. The male participants produced 15 percent more ideas when in a floral setting, while women’s creative problem-solving abilities greatly improved.

3. Tranquility

If your workplace is a bit hectic, or if certain projects tend to result in employee anxiety, consider office flowers as a means of easing tension. Many flowers, such as lavender, ylang-ylang and rose, emit calming scents that are widely used in aromatherapy. Jasmine and floral citrus scents both relieve stress and energize, which is especially helpful for meeting those demanding deadlines.

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4. Company Morale

Employee happiness can greatly impact a company’s overall success, and floral settings are proven to help boost feelings of excitement and positivity among all ages and genders. One 10-month study showed immediate and long-lasting mood improvements among flower recipients. Similarly, the study noted that office flowers help establish a sense of community by increasing co-worker connections in a calming and supportive atmosphere. This connectivity is also linked with lower levels of depression and anxiety.

5. Employee Wellness

Indoor plants also assist in keeping sick days at bay. Colds, sore throats, coughing and even fatigue have all been shown to diminish by over 30 percent when people are exposed to plants. Plants improve air quality and help reduce dust and toxin levels. Office flowers are even proven to speed up healing and recovery times. Healthier employees mean lower health care costs, fewer missed days and a more sanitary work environment.

Colours to consider for office flowers

The colours used in floral design are an important factor worth considering. Colours are often associated with certain moods, and many can evoke an innate reaction from the employees and customers who view them. Some common colour meanings include the following:

  • White: Cleanliness
  • Blue: Tranquility
  • Red and Yellow: Attention
  • Mixed Flowers: Excitement

These associations can be intelligently used to support a company’s goals and objectives.

Incorporating Flowers in the Workplace

Everyone enjoys the beauty of fresh flowers, and placing them strategically throughout the workplace can certainly boost morale and provide a serene aesthetic.

  • Appreciation: Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and giving flowers to employees on their birthdays or in acknowledgment of their accomplishments shows that you’re paying attention.
  • Teamwork: Flowers add beauty and class to any room, and when placed strategically on conference tables or near work stations, they can encourage brainstorming and team-building efforts.
  • Atmosphere: Visitors and guests appreciate a waiting area that looks professional, and flowers — blue ones in particular — make them feel right at home.
  • Focus: Placing red and yellow flowers around your company sign is an efficient and cost-effective marketing trick. These bright colours can also be used in proposals and presentations to increase audience attention.
  • Cleanliness: People naturally equate white flowers with cleanliness, so placing these in high-traffic areas like restrooms and kitchenettes encourages people to respect their surroundings and keep things tidy.
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A touch of floral design can work wonders by improving the look and feel of a corporate environment, and it’s an easy upgrade that your team members will appreciate.

Ordering corporate flowers is an innovative way to promote productivity, creative thought and optimism among your employees, and we’re ready to help you throughout the process.