The ring is bought, the words rehearsed — you’re prepared. But you want to add a little special something to your proposal…think engagement flowers. You are brilliant! There are not too many women who will tell you they don’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet.

A picture paints a thousand words, but in the world of romance, a carefully chosen bouquet of engagement flowers can be the most eloquent statement of your love — other than the fabulous ring you just bought for her, of course.

If you decide to give your love engagement flowers, here are a few tips on making them winter wonderful for your holiday proposal.

Elegant Engagement Flowers

Go for elegance with a silver and white look or celebrate the season with reds and greens. Create a sparkling winter land of evergreens, white, silver, and crystal.

Magical Winter Engagement Flowers

For a magical winter bouquet, use Austrian crystals or use a few strategically placed sparkling crystal engagement flowers within the bouquet of blooms you choose.

Red & White Engagement Flowers

Red and white aren’t just the colours of Christmas, they’re also the colour of love. The combination of red and white roses symbolizes union.

11 Ideas for Engagement Flowers

These arrangements can also be used to create floral centerpieces or given as beautiful hostess gifts too.

  1. White poinsettias mixed with red roses or tulips
  2. Red roses mixed with white lilies and holly
  3. Red and white roses accented with fragrant evergreens and eucalyptus.
  4. Calla lilies with clusters of purple/blue berries
  5. Gardenias, holly berries and ivy
  6. Hydrangeas and pomegranate with trailing ribbons
  7. Blue hydrangeas, baby’s breath and silvery eucalyptus
  8. Gardenias, red berries, white rose buds with green ivy
  9. White roses, white hydrangeas, white sweet peas, white ribbon and tulle
  10. Red rose buds, pinecones with pine leaves and red ribbon
  11. Red poinsettias mixed with white tulips or roses
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