Parties are a great opportunity to meet new people, re-connect with those you haven’t seen in a while, and generally have a good time socializing. In any type of event, whether it’s casual or formal, everyone should practice proper etiquette. To help you make a good impression, we’ve come up with some tips for proper etiquette at a party.

Dress Code

As a party guest, you should dress appropriately regardless of the type of occasion. If it’s a formal occasion, a dress or tuxedo is ideal while for casual events, almost anything goes. If you are not sure about dress to wear, ask your host in advance.

Do not show up early

See to it that you will arrive at the venue of the event according to the indicated time. Arriving too early can be more of a hindrance than a help for last-minute preparations by the host.

Tell the host that you will attend

Do this immediately. When you delay your reply, it can be stressful to the host who is attempting to get a head count for food and beverages. Even if there is no RSVP requested, it’s always thoughtful to let the host know whether or not you’re attending.

Do not overindulge

Eating food like you haven’t eaten for a week doesn’t give a very good impression and it can leave less food for other guests. Make sure that you consume alcoholic beverages moderately.

Do not bring along uninvited individuals

It’s inconsiderate to bring along uninvited guests in tow. For this reason, make sure that you bring another guest with you only when the invitation requests to do so.

Keep your conversation light

Conversations during the party should be casual and light. Avoid serious politics, religion and health issues in detail. Also, don’t gossip about others, most especially if it is about someone who’s at the party.

Gauge the Exit

When the invitation lists a specific end time for the party, don’t linger around much longer than that time. When there is no time indicated on the invitation, check the other party guests and when almost half of them are gone, be ready to leave also.

Giving Thanks

Don’t forget to express your gratefulness to the host for inviting you to his or her event. This is a sign of courteousness and good manners. With this kind of party behavior, expect that there will be more invites to come!

Your behavior or manners during a party reflects your personality. When you know how to act well and deal with the host and other guests, you will enjoy the event and easily make new friends.

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