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It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the time it takes to think of the perfect marriage proposal. We thought we’d give you a few ideas to kick start brainstorming process for this ultra romantic and memorable occasion.  Some are for women who would prefer something more private and others are for those who prefer something with a bit more flare. We’ll post others in the coming weeks as well, some from readers too who send us their ideas….

  1. During the holiday season, many large department stores have a traditional window display every year that “soon to be” enjoys taking in. Arrange to do some Christmas shopping with her.   Arrange with the  store management to have the engagement ring displayed front and centre in an opened but gift wrapped box within the display window with Christmas tree and presents.(there usually is one!).  Provide a hand written parchment scroll large enough to read that reads something like “My Darling, you are all I want for Christmas and I will love you forever if you just say yes. Will you marry me?”
  2. Make a special occasion out of decorating the Christmas tree.  Slip the engagement ring onto the decoration before handing it to your sweetie to hang on the tree.  Buy a special decoration for the occasion so that every year when decorating the tree you both can relive the marriage propsal.
  3. Arrange to have a group of carolers come to your door to sing her favourite Holiday song – and in the last verse have them sing your marraige proposal. On cue you profess your love and present her with the ring.
  4. Take her on a romantic horse drawn carriage ride through the snowy city all snug under the rug and arrange to have a hamper filled with her favourite foods.  And just before you pull out the bottle of champagne….well you know what happens.
  5. Give her a charm bracelet, with only one charm on it with the words “Marry Me” engraved on it.  Then get down on your knee and whip out the engagement ring.
  6. Invite her over to your place to view your Christmas tree. Make sure that the tree is lighted, but has only a single decoration—an engagement ring.
  7. If you are ABSOLUTELY SURE she will say yes, at the beginning of Christmas dinner when all the people surrounding you are important to her – stand up as if to propose a toast and instead ask her to marry you.  If you are spending the holiday dinner with her family and you really want to go traditional, ask her father for her hand first. There won’t be a dry eye in house when you turn to ask her the big question.
  8. Place the engagement ring inside a cracker and leave it at her place at the Christmas dinner table.  Truly a pop the question moment!
  9. Invite your love to your house on an evening during the holiday season or perhaps you may have planned on spending Christmas Eve together alone.  Leave the door unlocked with a note attached to a wreath telling her to enter.  Create a path by scattering holly branches leading from the front door to a garland of holly where you have suspended the wrapped engagement ring with a handwritten note or poem that ends with your marraige proposal.  Now kiss her and tell her why!  Alternatively, you could use candles to trace a path but promise to be careful you don’t burn the house down if you do this.
  10. If your intended lives in another city and she is flying home or into town to spend Christmas with you, arrange for friends and family to join you at the airport. Make some signs for each person to hold up spelling out “Will you marry me?” as your sweetheart disembarks. Make sure you’re the one holding the “Me” sign.
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