Want to know how to throw a successful adult birthday party? Read on. We’ve got a few creative ideas for you.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for your wife, or husband, or your best friend, there’s good news: a little creativity can go a long way. And creativity is important. Who wants to throw a bland, forgettable party? Hopefully, not you.

Yup, nothing says “Happy Birthday” quite like a fabulous night with family and friends. Oh, and of course plenty of food, drinks and entertainment. So here are a few tips to help make your adult birthday party a success.

Common theme

Spend time on choosing a theme that reflects the guest of honour. What does he or she like? Movies? Another era? Egyptology? (What can I say, my friends are just weird). Choose something that reflects them. Then look to pull your theme and the colours you choose through everything you do, from the email/mailed invitations right to the food and room decorations.

Tasteful decorations

Don’t feel you need to go all out on decorations. Minimal decorations strategically placed set the tone and are less of a tripping hazard for older and younger guests.

Great entertainment

Choose entertainment that works for a range of ages (5 – 65). For example, hire a magician who has a 20 minute stage show and will then spend the rest of his time roaming through the room and entertaining pockets of guests.

Hire a caricaturist to theme everyone’s pictures to match the event; book for the duration of the party as he or she will be busy ALL night!

Hire two different types of roaming entertainers for the adults and kids. Entertainment for the grownups could include contortionists, musicians, murder mystery performers, leaders of improv games, etc.

Appropriately placed stations

Stations in general work really well for parties of all kinds. Consider them for food, activities and all types of games, whether or adult or kid friendly (craft area, bouncy castle area, petting zoo, carnival games, sports, etc.).

A professional photographer

Hire a professional photographer who can capture the magic moments so you can enjoy the adult birthday party.

Dress a caterer

If you have serving staff and caterers, consider costuming them with colours and fun props.

Get a DJ

Bring in a DJ who works for your guests and your guest of honour. If there are kids, make sure the music is appropriate. The Limbo and YMCA are great songs to get everyone up and then you can eventually migrate into other types of music appropriate for the event.

If kids are present

Ensure you have kid friendly food available – but don’t kid down your adult food. Make sure your adult guests have great food. When it comes to kids, minimize unlimited candy and serve dessert earlier rather than later in the evening.

Hire a nanny

Delegate someone (nanny, babysitter) to watch over the children in a play area to allow parents to enjoy themselves.

Guests with allergies

Food should have vegetarian components plus a list of ingredients for those with allergies. It’s best to not serve food with nuts.

Don’t make a mess

Serve simple foods that are easy to eat, won’t stain the rugs or be a sticky mess. Need home party catering? Let us know.

Make mocktails

Mocktails are always a hit with the teens and smart to provide to all guests, particularly as the evening winds down. Check these 40 best mocktail recipes at Town&Country.

Smart choices can make family birthdays fun and memorable. We only get one a year, so if you’re setting up a loved one’s adult birthday party, then try some of these suggestions. We guarantee they will make it an extra-special birthday.

Oh, and don’t forget the cake!

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