This week we will be discussing what to look for in an event planner, after all they are the ones you will be working closely with throughout the duration of your event.

First Impressions

Some may say that first impressions are deceiving, others state that our subconscious makes the most correct evaluation of a person within the first two seconds of meeting them.

So, can you recall your first encounter with an event planner? How did they dress? Did they smile? Was the smile sincere or not? Where did you first meet? Did you meet at their office, coffee shop, food court, or restaurant?

Communication skills

Communication skills are crucial in any business endeavor. But when it comes to event planning, it’s one of the most important qualities. During the planning phase of your event you’ll be talking to your event planner on a daily basis using phone, email as well as meeting with them in person.

Are they able to convey a sound event plan that you can relate with? Will this person be able to respectfully manage an army of vendors at your event? Will they communicate professionally with your colleagues, guests?

Keeping it cool

Event planning is a highly intellectual process of getting the idea into a proper plan where things fall in their places. Both planning and managing an event can get very stressful, and you can’t afford to hire an event planner who can’t “keep their cool”. Look for level-headed and calm event planners and you won’t regret it once things start hitting the fan.

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Can you trust them?

It is very important that you feel confident entering into a business relationship with your event planner as you could be working quite closely with them for months.

Choose an event planner you feel comfortable sharing your ideas with, who you can trust to take on the stress for you and most importantly shares your vision for your special event.

Passionate about events

When you choose a career they say that it’s always better to do things you love, things you’re passionate about. When a person is passionate about what they do, quality of work increases.

Personality traits to look for in an event planner are organisational skills, are they detail oriented yet flexible at the same time, can they work. So when choosing an event planner, make sure that your event manager is having fun doing what they do.

Are they creative?

Be it a wedding, your kid’s party or a corporate event, you want a unique event, tailored just for your occasion. You want something special so you and your guests can remember it for a long time.

Your event planner should be able to offer creative and “out of the box” ideas for event decor, schedule, vendors, etc. Creative thinkers are rare these days. So, make sure you ask a few qualifying questions when you meet your event planner.

Can they make you smile?

Planning and managing an event can be a stressful business. People without sense of humour are having a hard time in the industry.

Or course, your event planner should be organized, responsible and professional, but he / she must make you smile every once in awhile.

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Smile is a key to many doors and event planners that smile are usually much more organized, have better vendor list and better relationships with people altogether.

Education and recognized certification

Last, but certainly not the least, hiring an event planner, make sure they’re part of event planner associations and they have proper certification and education background. Is your event planner a Certified Special Events Professional? BTW, Simply Elegant’s own Sharon Barwick, CSEP is one! ?

It’s difficult to teach a person to be a great event planner in college or university. All great event planners earned their status through countless hours of organizing awesome events for their clients.

So, on top of recognized certifications and education you should also look for event planner’s track record. What events they did in the past? How many years have they been in event planning?

This list should cover some of the most important personal traits of a great event planner. I hope it helps you choose the one that’s going to make your dream event a bright and happy reality. Feel free to leave a comment or two about other event planner traits that I may have missed here.