Probably one of the most significant events in anyone’s life is that of their high school graduation. The fashion, the friends, the food and the venue are all important to the graduate.

It’s worth noting that more and more, people are holding year-end celebrations to recognize graduations from junior high/middle school and even from elementary or pre-school programs. Each level of schooling needs events that are thoughtfully organized to provide the optimal and appropriate celebratory experience for the graduates, their friends and their families.

With our years of experience in planning and catering events, we know how to do it right. At Simply Elegant, events and catering are our business. We will ensure that your high school graduation will be an occasion worth remembering!

At Simply Elegant, our event and design team takes the time to make the best recommendations to ensure a graduation celebration is a huge success.  We know that a graduation is more than just a dinner and dance. It’s a step forward in life! The pictures you see in this blog are from one of the graduations we’ve designed.

Planning a high school graduation celebration is similar to planning any other event. Before you get started, you and your committee should discuss the following questions to get a better idea about how you would like to proceed.

  • What is your theme?
  • Who is the target audience of your event?
  • What priorities have you established for the event?
  • What is your budget for your event?
  • What challenges does your event face?

Here are some of the essential points you will address as you design a fantastic celebration.

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Your theme

Every graduation event has a theme or key message. This theme should encompass a vision that impacts every one of the graduates. You will want to use colours to connect the theme to the school, the season or perhaps to a message, quote or song that has meaning to that year’s cohort.

You might consider having a photo booth or a series of photo stops for the attendees to take selfies to share in the moment or later after the event is over. A great floral design and original décor can provide a special touch to enhance your theme.

Your Audience

Graduations naturally focus on the students who are graduating. However, the event you are planning will likely include teachers, parents, siblings, friends and even extended family. It is important for your planning committee to identify the size of the event and who will be attending.

Will everyone be there for the full event or will there be different audiences for different components of the event? You’ll also want to consider how seating can be arranged and the timing for the program.

Your Priorities

Key planning priorities include: setting up your program, acquiring an appropriate venue, designing table and seating arrangements, decorating tables and the venue, assisting in the procuring and staging of entertainment and of course building a menu of high quality food and beverages to top of the occasion.

Each graduation will be different.  Perhaps you will choose a completely different approach and host a breakfast, a luncheon or an afternoon tea rather than the traditional evening celebration. In any case, your committee needs to consider these important priorities before you get started.

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Your Budget

As with any event the budget will be important to have established early on in the process. Knowing your budget may cause you to adjust your priorities, your venue, your décor, your food choices or even the type of event you choose to host. Being flexible and open to new ideas will be an asset when working with vendors.

Your Challenges

Finally, you must consider any challenges you might be facing for your event.  Being aware of any special needs of clients such as food allergies or special menu requirements might not have crossed your mind.

Accessibility could be an issue for some of the graduates or their guests. Security and chaperoning are also significant considerations that you will want to address. You also need to be aware of liquor laws and the implications of the consumption of alcohol at your event. These are a few examples of issues that might arise.

Simply Elegant is a one-stop event planning company that can also provide catering, florals, décor and rentals. We work with your planning committee to provide the support needed to make a graduation a truly exceptional event! Call us for more information or to book an appointment with one of our team.