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9 Considerations for Picking the Perfect Venue in Calgary

Great weddings and company events come out of great planning and it's hard to believe that finding a location can take so much work and consideration. But it often... always. Simply Elegant is often asked - "where do we start in choosing a venue in Calgary"? Make sure...

Brenda Strafford Society

Simply Elegant feels so fortunate that we were able to be apart of the Brenda Strafford Society for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Grand Opening. Kudos to all the staff and volunteers at the Centre who worked so hard to ensure the success of this event, you guys...

Throwing A World Cup Party

Every four years, Canada embraces cultures from around the world in one massive, month-long World Cup Party. Because, whether you like soccer or not, there's something about the World Cup tournament that gets people excited.  Really excited. It might be because of the...

Kensington Riverside Inn

Kensington River Inn is a stunning and intimate venue offering the best in corporate events and weddings.

Calgary Event Planning: Sysco interview with Rob Vidra

by Joe Sheptak Playing poker with Rob Vidra, owner and CEO of Simply Elegant, might not be wise as he likes to hold his cards close and thinks every step through and when he does play his hand he is always holding 4 aces. Founded in 1997, Vidra has taken the time to...

Hospice Calgary: Simply Elegant’s Charity of Choice

All of us at Simply Elegant are humbled by the work done by Hospice Calgary. That’s why we’re very proud to announce that, once again, Hospice Calgary is Simply Elegant’s charity of choice for the 2010 season.

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